Annual Becoming Baby-Friendly in Oklahoma Summit



Friday, April 15, 2022

In-Person Registration Closes on April 11, 2022


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The goal of the Summit is to provide expert speakers to discuss subjects related to breastfeeding and the process to become (and remain) a Baby-Friendly Designated Hospital. The Baby-Friendly Hospital Designation is an international recognition earned by hospitals who have implemented policies and practices supportive of breastfeeding. Hospitals designated as Baby-Friendly have demonstrated best practice in the care of mothers and newborns & improved breastfeeding rates. Becoming Baby-Friendly in Oklahoma (BBFOK) is a statewide effort to help hospitals improve maternity care and increase the number of Baby-Friendly hospitals in Oklahoma.

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Past Summit & Conference Materials

2021 Summit Agenda  

2020 Summit Agenda

  • State of the State: A New Decade! by Rebecca Mannel, MPH, IBCLC, FILCA - Video and Slides
  • Baby-Friendly Guidelines Revisions by Trish MacEnroe, IBCLC - Video and Slides
  • Communities Matter by Kimberly Seals-Allers - Video and Slides
  • Safe Implementation of Baby-Friendly Practices by Trish MacEnroe, IBCLC - Video and Slides
  • Texting the Oklahoma Breastfeeding Hotline! - by Jaclyn Huxford, IBCLC - Video

2019 Summit Agenda

  • State of the State: How Baby-Friendly is Oklahoma? - Video and Slides
  • Talk it Up: Building Connections with Clients and Colleagues - Handout
  • Ten Years of the Oklahoma Breastfeeding Hotline - Video
  • Birthing and Breastfeeding for Black Mothers - Video and Slides
  • Step 10 Panel: Mothers' Experiences with Breastfeeding Support After Discharge - Video
  • Mother Knows Breast: Helping Moms Build Confidence in their Milk Production - Handout
  • Recognizing Baby-Friendly Hospitals of Oklahoma - Video

2018 Summit Agenda

2017 Summit Agenda

  • State of the State: The Breastfeeding Landscape in 2017  View slides
  • Breastfeeding Disparities and Social Marketing   View Slides
  • Lessons Learned and Shared   View Slides

2016 Summit Agenda

2016 Reducing Racial & Ethnic Inequities in Breastfeeding Conference

2016 Inequities Agenda

2015 Becoming Baby-Friendly in Oklahoma Summit

2015 Reducing Racial & Ethnic Inequities in Breastfeeding Conference

2014 Becoming Baby-Friendly in Oklahoma Summit

2013 Becoming Baby-Friendly in Oklahoma Summit