P3 Program Checklist

Is OBRC the program for you?

Rotation Options

At this time, our program allows only one trainee per 4-month rotation.

  • January - April  (application due by Oct. 15)
  • May - August  (application due by Feb. 15)
  • September - December  (application due by Jun. 15)

What is expected of the OBRC P3 Program Trainee?

To ensure that our program is right for you, please review our syllabus for a description of assignments, a sample schedule, and other information.

What costs are associated with the OBRC P3 Program?

Financial Obligations/Fees to OBRC 

Additional Financial Obligations/Fees

  • HSC Parking Fee: See P&T site for exact cost.
  • Student Liability Insurance: $1,000,000 / $6,000,000 coverage
  • Background Check Fee: Name based check
  • Drug Screen Fee: 10 panel screen
  • Basic Life Support Certification: An IBLCE requirement. Show certificate of completion.
  • 90 Hours of Lactation Specific Education: An IBLCE requirement. Show certificate of completion.
  • Pathway 3 Plan Verification Fee: An IBLCE requirement.

Requirements after acceptance:

  1. Create an IBLCE online account.
    1. Click here to create your account.
    2. Submit paperwork requesting IBLCE approve/verify your Pathway 3 Plan to obtain clinical education hours with OBRC (We will provide you with the necessary paperwork & documents)
  2. Acquire liability insurance. 
    1. We recommend CM&F
  3. Submit documentation of OUHSC required immunizations.
    1. Hepatitis B, Measles/Mumps/Rubella, Varicella, TB Skin Test, Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis, Influenza, Covid-19

Application Requirements:

    Obtain the below items to be included in your application:
  • Proof of required health courses & certifications or HCP license
  • Proof of required immunizations
  • Background check & Drug screen (administered 1 month prior to the application deadline)  

By submitting an application to OBRC you are agreeing to the below requirements of the OBRC P3 Program.

  • A 4-month, full-time, Monday-Friday program
  • To adhere (as best as possible) to a limit of 5 days for requested time off
  • To pay the $1900 OBRC P3 Program Fee (If selected) 
    • This fee can be paid in 4 monthly installments
    • *Note* A minimum payment of the 1st month's installment is required to begin the program

After Applying...

Please allow 7-14 business days for OBRC to contact you regarding your application.

  • OBRC will review your documents and notify you if you're approved for an interview.