Read this first!

OBRC cannot give guidance for your IBCLC career.

The OBRC staff can only answer questions about the OBRC Pathway 3 (P3) Program.

Start your research of our Program by reviewing all information on our Education page and Program requirements page (below).

Send all questions about the OBRC P3 Program to:

Please use the below options to help you find if Pathway 1, 2 or 3 is best for you.

Which pathway is best for me? By Lactation Education Resources

Use this directory to find the IBLCE coordinator who can assist you. 

P3 Program Checklist

Rotation Options

At this time, our program allows only one trainee per 4-month rotation.

  • February - May  (application due by Oct. 15)
  • June - September  (application due by Feb. 15) 
  • October - January  (application due by Jun. 15)

Is OBRC the program for you?

What is expected of the OBRC P3 Program Trainee?

To ensure that our program is right for you, please review our syllabus for a description of assignments, a sample schedule, and other information.

What costs are associated with the OBRC P3 Program?

Financial Obligations/Fees to OBRC 

  • $100.00 - Application Fee
  • $1,900.00 - 4-Month Training Fee

Click here to learn about the Coalition of Oklahoma Breastfeeding Advocates' IBCLC Scholarship Program!


Additional Financial Obligations/Fees PRIOR to acceptance into the OBRC Program:

  • Background Check Fee: Name based check
  • Drug Screen Fee: 10 panel screen 
  • If you are applying to the RD/P3 offering, we will use your check, screen and immunizations on file with HSC.  

Additional Financial Obligations/Fees AFTER acceptance into the OBRC Program:

Application Requirements:

Obtain the below items to be included in your application:

  • Proof of 
    • transcripts showing passing grades in the required health courses & certifications OR 
    • a copy of your license for one of the Health Professions recognized by IBLCE.
  • Proof of required immunizations
  • Background check & Drug screen (administered 1 month prior to the application deadline).    

By submitting an application to OBRC you are agreeing to the below requirements of the OBRC P3 Program.

  • A 4-month, full-time, Monday-Friday program
  • To adhere (as best as possible) to a limit of 5 days for requested time off
  • To pay the $1900 OBRC P3 Program Fee
    • This fee can be paid in 4 monthly installments
    • *Note* A minimum payment of the 1st month's installment is required prior to day 1 of your 4-month rotation.

After Applying...

Please allow 7-14 business days for OBRC to contact you regarding your application.

  • OBRC will review your documents and notify you if you're approved for an interview.
  • Interviews will be conducted in person when possible.
  • After all interviews are complete. OBRC will email all applicants notifying if they were accepted into the program.