COVID19 & Breastfeeding Research Projects

Project #1

COVID-19 and Breast Milk Study

Who Can Participate? Women who have tested positive for COVID-19, are presumptive positive, have not been tested but are symptomatic or have confirmed exposure but are asymptomatic and who are breastfeeding will qualify for enrollment into the breastmilk study.

What will participants be asked to do ? This study will consist of a telephone interview and up to 5 at home breast milk sample collections over the course of their illness (frozen milk from the time of illness is accepted too). We will also collect medical records related to the infant’s growth, and collect maternally reported developmental questionnaire data up to 2 years of age.

Below is information on how to refer:

Email: Email us at with name, contact phone number and/or email.

Phone: Call the study at 858-246-1713. Due to temporary phone routing changes, your call may be sent to our secure voicemail and we will return the call from a blocked or private number .

Website: Fill out referral form at our website: Participant self-referrals: