Lactation Rotation Locations


OU Physicians Outpatient Clinic

825 NE 10th St, Ste.3C, OKC, OK


Integris Hospital Network

Integris Baptist, OKC, OK

Integris Canadian Valley, Yukon, OK

Integris Southwest, OKC, OK


Oklahoma Mothers' Milk Bank

901 N Lincoln Blvd, Ste. 330 OKC, OK


SSM Health Network

Saint Anthony OKC, OK

Saint Anthony Shawnee, OK


Lactation Center at OU Children's

1200 Children's Ave, Fl.5. Rm.5K, OKC


NSO WIC Clinic

3530 N MacArthur Blvd., OKC, OK

Lactation Rotation Options

Student Rotations

Ask your internship director to contact OBRC to schedule your community rotation with us!

Rotations can vary from 1-4 weeks in length.

1-Week rotations consists of approximately...

  • 2 days in the outpatient setting,
  • 2 days in the inpatient setting and
  • 1 day at the Milk Bank.

Resident Elective

Please click here to schedule your rotation via a Qualtrics survey.

  • Resident Lactation Elective Rotations can vary from 1-4 weeks in length.
  • Residents MUST provide....
    • At least a 2 weeks notice of desired elective dates
    • A list of days they are not available (due to clinic, etc.)
    • A reliable contact number.
  • The general schedule consists of spending time at the inpatient setting, the outpatient setting, and at the OMMB.  Interns will have the opportunity attend any OBRC trainings and specialized meetings or events that are scheduled during their rotation.

WIC Preceptorship

Ask your WIC Breastfeeding Education Coordinator to contact OBRC to schedule your preceptorship with us.

  • This 40-hour Clinical Rotation occurs as either 1 full week / or 5 non-consecutive daily rotations.
  • This Preceptorship includes 24 hours of direct lactation care.
  • This Preceptorship is guided by a formal contract between Oklahoma WIC office and OBRC.

Pathway 3 Program

Obtain 500 clinical practice hours to qualify to sit for the IBCLC exam. Those interested MUST have completed all requirements set forth by the IBLCE. (see below) For more information, click here


  • 14 Health Science Courses
  • 5 Continuing Education / Certifications
  • 95 Hours Lactation Education